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    3) Once payment has been received and verified, this is generally what the process will look like:

    1) Global Registration applies for, and obtains, a new URN and notifies you by email: 3-5 business days*
    2) You receive all state applications forms via email for signature: 5-7 business days
    3) Global Registration receives your signed applications via courier/e-mail: client's time
    4) Our team prepares and mails registration packets to each state on your behalf: 2-3 business days

    * - If you need a URN faster, please contact us regarding our RUSH URN service! In some cases, we can get a new URN within 1-2 business days!
    - Keep in mind that this timeframe is only available with certain states. If you delete state(s) during the quoting process, we cannot guarantee the availability of expediting a new URN.

    Once the states receive your applications, the processing times vary (depending on how busy they are). When completed and issued, each state license will be mailed directly to the license holder at the address provided on your application. If you have subscribed to License Management or Guaranteed Compliance, the licenses will be sent to GRS and a member of our team will upload it to your account for 24/7 access.

    GRS Fees

    GRS charges $125.00 per state application. In addition to this, we collect the states' registration fees in advance.

    State Fees

    The state registration fees vary ranging from as little as $5.00 per year up to $750.00 per year. License terms also vary by state. About half of the states have 1 year terms from the date of issue, whereas other states have a set expiration date like June 30 or Dec. 31. There are a few states that provide 2 or 3 year licenses. Monitoring the expiration dates of your licenses is key to staying in compliance. Although many states will send out renewal notices 30 - 60 days in advance, it's still the license holder's responsibility to renew the licenses on time. To see all of the state fees and their expiration terms, see 'Registering States & Fees' under the Information menu.

    Law Label Samples

    GRS does not charge additional fees for printing law label samples that are required to be submitted with your state applications. We have a full service printing facility in-house where we print hundreds of thousands of law labels per month through our 30 year old sister company American Law Label, Inc.

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  • A Uniform Registry Number (URN) system exists in the U.S. for companies which manufacture certain types of stuffed articles of bedding, furniture and toys that will be sold in the United States. The URN acts as a unique ID for the actual physical factory location that is manufacturing the products. To obtain a URN, the factory (or another party on its behalf) must apply for a bedding/furniture license in one of the states with these regulations. The URN issued must be printed on the law labels attached to the products to be sold in the U.S. The products can then, if ever needed, be traced back to the factory.

    The URN will be recognized in the other regulating states once a license is also applied for in those other states and a copy of the original URN license is provided. This is the method of the registration process, to obtain a license in all registering states under a single URN. Once the process is complete and all licenses are applied for, the factory is then allowed to ship, distribute and sell their products in the U.S.

    Every factory must have its own URN, even under the same company. A URN is comprised of 3 parts: 1) the 2 letter prefix which indicates the state that issued the URN; 2) the states internal identification code for the factory and 3) the 2 letter suffix which idenifies the state or country where the factory is located. For example: CA-12345 (CN) indicates that the state of California issued the URN to a factory in China.

    The URN is often confused with the Federal Trade Commission's RN. They are not the same. The FTC's RN pertains to textiles without filling materials: clothing, bed linens, bath towels, tablecloths, curtains, etc.

    Background of the Law Label


    Even if you own the design rights, copyrights, etc. of a product and contract another company to manufacturer your product(s) for you, under these tagging laws for stuffed articles, your company is NOT the manufacturer.

    All furniture and bedding manufacturers are required to register with every state their products will be sold in. Even manufacturers selling to and through other channels (not selling to U.S. customers directly), must have the appropriate licenses. Once manufacturers register, they will receive a URN that allows their products to be sold to any company in the U.S. The manufacturer is responsible to renew each of their licenses before they expire. 14 states currently require manufacturer registration. Depending on the types of products, registration may not be needed in all 14. Global Registration Services seeks to help manufacturers navigate the registration process for each state.

    CA - California

    CT - Connecticut

    DE - Delaware

    DET - City of Detroit, Michigan

    MA - Massachussetts

    NY - New York

    NC - North Carolina

    OH - Ohio

    OK - Oklahoma

    PA - Pennsylvania

    RI - Rhode Island

    UT - Utah

    VA - Virginia

    WV - West Virginia

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  • Any company that imports, distributes or sells bedding or upholstered furniture products is required to obtain importer registration in the following states: California, Connecticut, Detroit (MI), Massachusetts, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah & Virginia. 

    Registrations vary by state, and Global will help determine what types of products require a registration in each states. Importers must provide a copy of the manufacturer’s URN license as proof that the manufacturer is registered and are responsible to ensure that their manufacturers have the required licenses and that the manufacturers have not let their licenses expire. Importers are held responsible for any fines from license/registration violation.

    CA - California

    CT - Connecticut

    DET - Detroit, MI

    MA - Massachusetts

    OH - Ohio

    OK - Oklahoma

    UT - Utah

    VA - Virginia

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  • As the Importer/Wholesaler/Distributer/Retailer(I/W/D/R), if you are concerned that your manufacturer will fail to comply with proper registration/licensing practices, you can choose a Joint Registration with your manufacturer.

    When the importer and the manufacturer register together, in many states, they only submit one application, and the manufacturer is issued a URN that cannot be shared with other importers. The importer will receive a copy of the manufacturer’s license as well as renewal notices. A responsible factory that has all the proper licenses, and keeps them valid, can be very tricky to find. You certainly don't want to sell the products of a manufacturer who lets their licenses lapse thereby putting the products you buy from them at jeopardy in the U.S. marketplace. So if you're unsure about a factory's license status - or lack thereof, or you simply don't trust that they'll keep things up to date, Joint Registration is an alternative.

    In this case, a newly issued URN is shared exclusively between the manufacturer and the I/W/D/R. The licenses are applied for jointly in the states eliminating the need to submit two applications in most of the states. The licenses are mailed directly to the I/W/D/R.

    This means two important things:

    1) Renewal notices are sent to the I/W/D/R so you can be assured that the licenses will be maintained as long as your products from that manufacturer are being sold in the marketplace.

    2) The manufacture CANNOT use that Joint URN to manufacturer products for any other company to sell in the U.S. It is exclusive between the factory and the I/W/D/R.

     When should I choose to obtain a Joint URN?

    • If the manufacturer does not have it’s licenses and is not willing to obtain registration.
    • You can’t get satisfactory information from the manufacturer about it’s licenses or lack of licenses.
    • You wish to prevent the manufacturer from having a URN to manufacture products for other U.S. companies (competitors).
    • You want to ensure that the licenses remain active for the life of the products in the marketplace without having to rely on the manufacturer to do so.
    • A Joint URN can be applied for with each manufacturer that an I/W/D/R buys from.
    • A joint URN can be assigned to a manufacturer even if they already have a URN.

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  • The following list encompasses all known products that require registration. If you don't see your product, please contact us for a discussion about your product. It may fall under a product category on the list, or we may consult with a state official.
    • Automobile Seat Cushions
    • Baby Bath Slings
    • Baby Carrier (Harness)
    • Bar Stools
    • Bath Mats
    • Bean Bags
    • Bed Pillows
    • Bicycle Seats
    • Boat Seating
    • Child’s Car Seat
    • Comforters
    • Crib Bumper Pads
    • Cushions
    • Decorative Pillows
    • Dining Room Chairs
    • Exercise Equipment Cushions
    • Filling Materials in Bulk
    • ​Foundations
    • Futons
    • Mattresses
    • Mattress Pads
    • Neck Rolls / Pillows
    • Potty Seats (padded)
    • Quilts 
    • Padded Baby Carriers
    • Reclining Chairs
    • Shopping Cart Covers
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Sleeping Pads
    • Sofas/Loveseats
    • Stroller Padded Components
    • Stuffed Toys
    • Trampoline Padding
    • Upholstered Dual Purpose Furniture
    • Upholstered Headboards
    • Upholstered Chairs
    • Waterbed Mattresses, Liners, Heaters & Frames
  • Global Registration Services, Inc. helps manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers of bedding & furniture articles obtain state law label licenses. We also assist with the formulation and printing of law labels.

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