We know that the tagging laws in the U.S. are overwhelmingly confusing! But we were in the law label business long before the registration business and can therefore assist our clients weave through the different state laws covering different types of products based on the different 14 states that have them. Read how GRS can help keep you on the straight and narrow (even if you think you already are)!

  • Order an IABFLO compliant law label design file


    GRS can formulate a fully compliant law label based on the types of products they will be attached to. Receive a pdf file of your custom law label that you can have printed by your own source, such as American Law Label, Inc.


    Until we create a fillable online form for you to complete and submit, please contact us directly at (001-312) 405-9467 or email us at info@globalrsinc.com and have the following information at hand.



    • Filling materials with percentages (%), example: 50% Cotton Fibers; 50% Polyester Fibers.
    • URN or Uniform Registry Number. Please verify the URN, which represents the factory making the finished products, is valid.
    • Company info - this can be the manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or distributor, all are acceptable. This company would be preceded by the proper heading of Made By, Sold By, Distributed By, Made For, etc.
    • Certain bedding articles such as mattresses, box springs, futons, pillows & comforters require the article dimensions in inches and centimeters. Please have this information if relevant.
    • Country of Origin - this can be determined by the URN when provided.


    The cost is $125.00 per label. The cost to make changes after the file is submitted to the customer will be discretionary. Credit Cards accepted.

  • Are the current law labels on your products compliant with state laws?


    Maybe you sifted throught the tagging laws some time ago and devised your own law label.

    Have you updated them lately?


    Maybe you got tips from looking at another company's law labels.

    Did they know how to create a compliant law label?


    Maybe you allowed the manufacturer of the products to provide the law labels with the finished products.

    Do they keep up with the tagging laws?


    We have heard this many times before: "I've been doing it this way forever and nobody has ever told me it was wrong yet." Truth is, if your labels aren't compliant, you'll never know until an inspector catches them.


    Having your law labels Audited by GRS can save a lot of potentianl time, trouble and money down the road; and if we discover your law labels are in perfect order, at least you now have that peace of mind.


    To have an Audit done please send your law label file(s) to info@globalrsinc.com. Ensure the image is legible and include the size of the label in inches. The cost is $75.00 per label. Credit cards accepted.


  • GRS's owner is also the owner of American Law Label, Inc., the nation's top law label printer for pricing and turnaround time. Located in the same facilities together, the combination of registration services and law label services, providing 3 business day shipping standard, cannot be matched.

    If you would like us to handle your law label printing needs, please visit American Law Label, Inc. directly. Our GRS team can available to work with you if you desire, but we're confident you'll find the same level of service and professionalism with our other half.