What is that 'Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law' label there for anyway??


The purpose of the law label is to inform the consumer of the hidden contents, or “filling materials” inside bedding & furniture products. The law label was born in the early 1900s to prevent these articles from being further manufactured with contents such as horse hair, corn husks and whatever else a manufacturer could find to use that the consumer would never see. It’s similar to food labeling.


Law Labels must describe the filling materials of the article as a percentage of those filling materials by weight. Example: 80% Polyurethane Foam, 20% Polyester Fibers.


Currently 31 states require law labels. The products requiring law labels in each state varies, as does the labeling requirements. Uniform law labels can be produced to satisfy the different requirements of each state.


Law Labels are also required in most states to display a Uniform Registry Number which identifies the manufacturing facility that produced the products. This can be any company in the world who’s products are sold in the U.S.


Law Labels are governed on a state-by-state basis by various departments. Examples of these departments are:

Department of Health, Weights & Measures

Bureau of Home Furnishings

Dept. of Agriculture

Division of Industrial Compliance.


Law Labels have a very strict format with respect to the minimum size of the label, the fonts and point sizes used as well as proper filling material terminology and placement of information. It cannot have pricing info, company logos or printing on the back side.


Law Labels are required to be printing on an approved non-tearable and durable material, the most widely used is DuPont Tyvek.