As the Importer/Wholesaler/Distributer/Retailer(I/W/D/R), if you are concerned that your manufacturer will fail to comply with proper registration/licensing practices, you can choose a Joint Registration with your manufacturer.

When the importer and the manufacturer register together, in many states, they only submit one application, and the manufacturer is issued a URN that cannot be shared with other importers. The importer will receive a copy of the manufacturer’s license as well as renewal notices. A responsible factory that has all the proper licenses, and keeps them valid, can be very tricky to find. You certainly don't want to sell the products of a manufacturer who lets their licenses lapse thereby putting the products you buy from them at jeopardy in the U.S. marketplace. So if you're unsure about a factory's license status - or lack thereof, or you simply don't trust that they'll keep things up to date, Joint Registration is an alternative.

In this case, a newly issued URN is shared exclusively between the manufacturer and the I/W/D/R. The licenses are applied for jointly in the states eliminating the need to submit two applications in most of the states. The licenses are mailed directly to the I/W/D/R.

This means two important things:

1) Renewal notices are sent to the I/W/D/R so you can be assured that the licenses will be maintained as long as your products from that manufacturer are being sold in the marketplace.

2) The manufacture CANNOT use that Joint URN to manufacturer products for any other company to sell in the U.S. It is exclusive between the factory and the I/W/D/R.

 When should I choose to obtain a Joint URN?

  • If the manufacturer does not have it’s licenses and is not willing to obtain registration.
  • You can’t get satisfactory information from the manufacturer about it’s licenses or lack of licenses.
  • You wish to prevent the manufacturer from having a URN to manufacture products for other U.S. companies (competitors).
  • You want to ensure that the licenses remain active for the life of the products in the marketplace without having to rely on the manufacturer to do so.
  • A Joint URN can be applied for with each manufacturer that an I/W/D/R buys from.
  • A joint URN can be assigned to a manufacturer even if they already have a URN.

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